Veteran Landlords Trade Rental Properties For A New Lease On Life

“The best thing we could have ever done!”

Sue and Don were frustrated.

Between babysitting their car wash and managing their rental properties, at least one of them had to be on-call 24/7.

In other words, the passive income they’d been promised didn’t reflect the reality of their 28 years in business.

Frankly, they were tired of being tied down.

So after years of being married not just to each other but to their businesses too, Sue and Don sought out E-Commerce Business School.

That’s when they finally started seeing results.

With training and support from EBS, they’re finally getting a taste of the freedom they’ve always wanted.

And now that they have a business they can manage from anywhere, Sue and Don have started selling their rental properties.

Next up… taking their Amazon business on the road in a new 40-foot RV!

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