Tap into the Power of Gratitude to Strengthen Your Business and Your Life

“Wow, am I ever blessed.” In this special Brain Boom podcast episode, Ann Sieg reveals her experience handling the pandemic as a CEO and a mother.

With her middle son living in China, Ann Sieg got an early glimpse of the pandemic, but even she was surprised by how quickly it changed everything.


As an online business owner, she was better prepared than most for the changes, and she looks forward to the continued innovations that come about because of these shifts.


But she also “felt a horrible sorrow for the [brick-and-mortar] business owners.”


See, Ann knows what it’s like to have your business crushed by forces outside your control.


Because of an unexpected change in state regulation, her husband’s windshield repair business was forced to close without warning.


That’s why she loves doing business in the online world, where freedom and flexibility make it easier to adapt.


In this interview with Matt West, Ann discusses the power of gratitude and how she applies the “if it is to be, it is up to me” mindset to her business.


Tune in now to hear:


  • Why every business owner should put their health first (not last!) in the middle of a crisis….Even if it means staying quarantined for seven weeks like Ann did…


  • The massive shift in online retail that compressed a decade of changes into just a few months…Learn why Ann is happy to be in the “Amazon lucky bucket.”


  • How E-Commerce Business School supported its members with a new program to help them get through the “extremely scary and uncertain times.”


  • Why Ann feels blessed that her family lost their windshield replacement business 15 years ago. Use this lesson to pivot from adversity to a brighter future.


  • “Riding high in April and shut down in May.” Ann shares why she’s never callous about other people’s struggles.


  • The key to having gratitude in a crisis, and why it’s essential to every successful business owner.


  • “I make life happen.” Discover how this simple mindset shift puts you in control of your business and your life. BONUS: it can also help you make friends and great business connections.


Struggling to find the silver lining in your current challenge? Listen in to this episode for some extra inspiration and motivation to create more gratitude in your life.


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