How to Build Your Family Business on Amazon Seller Central

Why are so many people starting ecommerce businesses right now? The #1 answer we hear is that they get to work from home with their families. Here’s how Amazon sellers are getting the whole family on board - even school-aged kids.

Are we underestimating our kids by leaving them out of our business activities?

Ann Sieg says YES…

Not only has she involved her three (now grown) boys in several multi-million-dollar ventures, now she’s helping thousands of other people work from home and create thriving Amazon businesses with their families. The benefits – especially for kids – go far beyond earning a little extra cash.

And now, in this episode of Keyword: The Amazon Insider Podcast, Ann finally reveals her biggest family business secrets. In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • What a run on knitted Christmas bells taught seven-year-old Ann about entrepreneurship… and how it helped her build multiple multi-million dollar businesses.
  • How Ann managed to parlay her preschooler’s obsession with dinosaurs and her husband’s artistic streak into their first family business venture.
  • The essential daily habit Olympic gymnasts and Amazon sellers must practice if they want more gold medal days.
  • The two course-altering books Ann gave her son for high school graduation that made the both of them almost $4 million together.
  • Already an Amazon seller? The unlucky incident that’s just landed you in the “Lucky Bucket”… and how newbies can still take advantage.
  • How Ann and her team turned the massive failure rate among conventional small businesses on its head with an Amazon selling system that’s virtually fail-proof.
  • Way better than an allowance: The magic reward cycle that teaches kids as young as ten to earn and pay for their own braces and chip in for family vacations.
  • An “ancient Chinese secret” Ann used to raise her own entrepreneurial kids and now uses to help grow the “family economy” for thousands of her students.
  • Ann’s own #1 product category on Amazon and the very personal reason it’s working so well for her.
  • PLUS… How to get your hands on a FREE tool that reveals your Amazon profits at a glance – before you buy any inventory. (It’s a great way to show kids how the business works!)

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