How To Avoid A Boring Career, Control Your Time, And Get Paid For What Excites You

"It was like she lifted the words right from my heart to her lips." Ann Sieg shares her top 3 tips for new and evolving entrepreneurs, as well as her candid thoughts on the power of creating a family economy through business ownership and shifting your perspective relative to the pandemic.

Ann has seen great success in running a business with her family, so she made it her goal to strengthen the family economy, helping them solidify their financial needs and own a business that is entirely in their control.


“If they have their financial needs met via a business… they can better self-actualize into these higher callings that they want to follow.”
– Ann Sieg


A job does not equal security… and doing business online is not in everyone’s comfort zone. Problems will arise, things will change. Learning how to adapt is the #1 skillset you need to have in 2020. There has been a huge shift towards e-Commerce in 2020 and more people are shifting their businesses online or starting one. Are you one of them?


Top 3 tips for new and evolving entrepreneurs:


  • Training/Mentorship: Have a mentor inside of the business model that you’re pursuing.
  • The Mental Discipline of Focus: People who aren’t successful often lack focus. Schedule out your time and know which tasks are the most productive.
  • Tracking: Evaluate yourself and your business to develop the finesse, speed, and productivity you need to update your goals and take educated risks.


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Ann Sieg

CEO & Founder of E-Commerce Business School

Ann is passionate about her mission to help 1000 people make $10,000 a month and finds every way possible to better empower entrepreneurs to be in control of their business and future. We do this by staying current and relevant with our unique high touch and supportive learning experience. Rightly so, she’s known as The Renegade with her “think outside the box” mindset. Ann has sold over $20,000,000 in products online.