How One E-com Superstar Grew His Business and Found More Time

“I had to get myself out of the way of the growth.” Discover how Ed Dassie created more time for his family... and grew his e-commerce business faster than he ever imagined

Back in June of 2019, Carla Dassie asked her husband a simple, but life-changing question: “This Amazon thing you’ve got going on… Is this more of a hobby? Or is this a business?”


Ed had to take a hard look at his “business.”


He could have given it up at that point. After all, he hadn’t really seen much success yet…


He wasn’t even making any money, just burning through some “free” time.


It’s a good thing he decided to give it one more go…


Instead of giving up, he doubled-down on his training and got serious.


That decision helped him offload more tasks and build up his inventory. So he was perfectly positioned to take advantage of the e-commerce explosion that started in March, 2020.


How was he able to make the most of these new opportunities?


That’s what we wanted to know. We asked Ed to break down his transformation from hobbyist to e-com CEO… and we recorded the entire thing.


In this special presentation, you’ll hear:


  • “It’s actually costing us money month after month…” The wake-up call that helped Ed finally give his business the attention it deserved. Hear how he turned around the entire operation.


  • The one question Ed asks himself every day to make sure his business improves a little at a time. This small mindset change can make an enormous difference in your business.


  • “I understood that there was a bottleneck in our business… and it was me.” Ed reveals the decision that saved him hours every week and got him over the hump from part-time hobby to thriving business.


  • How Ed got comfortable enough to hand over his credit card number to his VA and why he “didn’t just give him the keys to the kingdom.”


  • “I know him as a family member now.” You must create THIS if you want a long-lasting, profitable relationship with your VAs.


  • The eye-opening realization that had Ed wishing he’d hired help even sooner.


  • “I don’t know how I do this business without this woman right here…” Ed shares how his wife Carla plays an essential role in growing their e-commerce business.


  • Plus, hear how they operate their family business WITHOUT finger pointing and blaming.


  • Why Ed was shocked (but delighted) when his new VA “came up and spent a lot of money.”


  • Ed finally took the leap and invested in a common Amazon seller tool… and it nearly tripled his revenue (without taking more of his time).


  • The next steps for Ed and Carla’s business and why they look forward to taking some eggs out of the Amazon basket.


  • How Ed solved his “shiny object syndrome” and stopped chasing every new opportunity that came along.


  • The simple trick Ed uses to reward VAs and why he’s happy to say something most business owners avoid: “I want to give you more money.”


  • BONUS: Ed reveals the three key processes that he offloaded and outsourced to free up even more time. These shifts left him where he has “time to do other things instead of just oversee my business all the time.”


Most e-commerce business owners dream about the day they can work ON the business instead of always working IN the business.


If that sounds like you, then check out Ed Dassie’s special update below. (Because now he even has time to put together his own slide deck).


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