Entire Family Leaves Hotel Business to Become Sellers on Amazon

Mom, Dad, and the kids meet in the living room every day at 9 am sharp for a work-from-home business they can grow together.

Kevin Beard Sr. was known as “The Problem Solver.”


In fact, as a hotel manager that was his whole job description. But when his hotel had to make cutbacks, they finally gave him a problem even he couldn’t solve:


They asked him to lay off his own son.

It’s a good thing Kevin Jr inherited his dad’s problem-solving gene…


When Kevin Jr came across an ad for E-Commerce Business School, he told his dad to check it out. The extensive e-commerce training looked like a way out of uncertainty and into a business that could put them back in control.

Dad agreed, but only if they took it seriously.


“If we’re going to do this, we’re all in.”

Nowadays there’s no clocking in at the hotel. They’ve got quite the operation going as they work from home…


Kevin Sr buys the products, Kevin Jr handles tech, Mom does the bookkeeping, and their school-aged daughter runs the shipping operation.


With their problem-solving know-how and two new VAs to help with sourcing products, the sky’s the limit!


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