Top 4 Q4 Selling Tips for Amazon Sellers – How to Find & Sell Your Holiday Products Quickly & Profitably!

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You will discover the Top 4 ways to find best selling Q4-holiday products for Amazon sellers. Watch as Brian demonstrates the following


1. Let Amazon show you what to sell. There’s a treasure trove of ways Amazon helps you find hot selling profitable holiday products.


Amazon publishes the top 100 selling products in every product category. With about 3 dozen product categories containing over 350,000,000 items to get you off to a great start!


Amazon also shows you the top 100 “Most Wished For” and top 100 “Amazon Gift Ideas.” Dig deeper and you’ll find even more. We’ll show you how!


2. “Black Friday” websites show you what stores think the best-selling items will be


3. Pinterest product search – Use these keywords in your Pinterest search terms:


“trends”, “gifts”, and include the name of the season and the year


4. Look for “predictive seasonality.”


Use sales history tools like to show products with increased sales from year to year


Watch and comment on which tip was most helpful for you!

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