Savvy Amazon Sellers Pivot to Thrive During Covid-19

Maintain your flow of Amazon sales by Merchant Fulfilling!


Covid-19 is temporarily bringing a halt to many businesses across the country – but this doesn’t mean it has to disrupt your Amazon business.


As an Amazon seller, you’re definitely aware of their temporary policy change to receive only “essential” items at their FBA warehouses that temporarily delayed all non-essential items such as toys, clothing, and sporting goods.


But savvy sellers are discovering a new opportunity. While all the other FBA sellers sit on the sidelines, they are selling their products through Merchant Fulfillment!


Watch this inclusive training video, as 11-year Amazon veteran Brian Cummings shows how you can take advantage of Merchant Fulfilled orders and shipping. You’ll learn:


Which products are best suited for merchant fulfilled sales and shipping


Six conditions in which merchant fulfillment is better than FBA


And where to get more training on how to set up Amazon merchant fulfilled orders and shipping – FREE!


Check out the video below!

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