How to Unlock Restricted Products on Amazon

Candida Lillard pulls back the curtain to reveal the simple process that “ungates” more Amazon categories and brands

Selling on Amazon is one of the simplest online businesses you can start and run…


But it helps if you’re approved to sell products that have the best profit margins.


If it feels like Amazon is throwing up roadblocks with every other toy, beauty, and household product you come across, you’re in luck…


Today we’re revealing how you can get approved to sell all kinds of restricted products, brands, and categories on Amazon quickly and easily.


And we’ve got one of our favorite trainers, Candida Lillard, on-hand to show you the techniques she’s developed to “ungate” more items for your inventory.


In this value-packed training, you’ll hear:


  • “You gotta feed the kids because I’m not stopping.” Candida shares how she opened the floodgates to get 317 auto-approvals in one day.


  • Why you should ALWAYS click this button… This simple step can open dozens (or even hundreds) of new products with zero paperwork.


  • The only way to avoid the “But I have a receipt!” trap that keeps many sellers stuck with products they already purchased.


  • Sneak a peek at an actual invoice that Candida sent to Amazon to get approval for restricted brands and categories. She even shows you how to speed up the approval process by giving Amazon “everything they need highlighted.”


  • Candida reveals the best day (and time) to resubmit applications to unlock categories. This hard-earned piece of information took years to uncover, but she’s sharing it on the training.


  • Tap into the ungating snowball effect and learn why you might want to get approvals for brands you never plan to sell (or have never even heard of).


  • Brian and Candida discuss the one document that helps you open accounts with distributors. You can often get this for free if you know how.


  • The simple but “absurd” technique Candida uses to get an “in” with quality distributors.


  • You don’t have to buy all of the approvals.” Why you shouldn’t spend loads of money to gain access to every gated product, even when you can.


  • PLUS… why the hassle of restricted products actually gives you a massive advantage over all the average Amazon sellers out there.


Ready to open more products, categories, and brands and start selling more on Amazon?


Then check out the video below…


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