From Biochemist to Leader in Business: How One EBS Rockstar Became Her Own CEO

Tune in to this special training and start unlocking the power of Virtual Assistants to grow and automate your business.
When Mei Alvarez landed her first job after earning her Ph.D. in Biochemistry, she thought she had finally arrived. Unfortunately, her boss was embezzling from the company, and his theft bankrupted the whole operation!

That crossed a red line for Mei.


She swore she’d never again let someone else’s poor choices pull the rug out from under her and her family. From now on, Mei would have total control over her income AND her time.


Mei tried every work-from-home opportunity she could find, but it all took too much time and wasn’t scalable.


Once she found E-Commerce Business School, Mei was blown away. She could finally do something BIG with her business without taking away more time from her family.


And now we’re the ones blown away…


Because Mei has quickly built an efficient management system. That means she’s been able to offload a lot of the work to virtual assistants so she can focus on growing the business. And now Mei’s ready to share her biggest secrets…


In this free training, you’ll discover:


  • The unexpected (and hilarious) challenge Mei faced while shopping for profit with young children. And see why a prep center was the no-brainer solution.

  • After Mei found success as an Acceleration member, she knew she couldn’t sacrifice any more family time to take it to the next level. Listen in for the solution that helped her expand her business without compromising her schedule.

  • “There was just a shift in my mind.” Hear how Mei went from I don’t know how to do this… to I should’ve done this a long time ago… and discover how hiring your first virtual assistant can flip the switch for your business.

  • Why Mei says “Everything needs a place” and how she organizes the workflow of her virtual assistants so they’re always on the same page.

  • This one document gives you a quick recap of everything your VA has done for the day… without sifting through a long spreadsheet. Learn how Mei uses the EOD to touch base with her VAs and head off problems before they start.

  • Want to know what to look for in a VA? See how Mei leverages the resources of EBS to help evaluate (and train) her VAs so she’s never starting from scratch.

  • A return to old school… Mei shares why she trains her VAs in the basics of manual sourcing even when tools like Tactical Arbitrage and OaXray make everything faster.

  • “I tripled my revenue!” See how Mei’s first VA hire led to dramatic growth in her top-line revenue without taking up more of her time.

  • Afraid your VA will become your competition? Why you don’t need to worry about creating more problems for yourself down the road.

  • PLUS… Why a trained VA isn’t always the better choice. Mei shares her experiences in hiring both trained and untrained virtual assistants and why both have their advantages.


Ready to unlock more freedom AND time in your business? See these tips and more in the video below.

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