Corporate Consultant Trades Tech Stress For Dream Home In Italy

You see, more than anything else Danita dreamed of living in Italy - she was finally ready to take Italy off the “dream board” and into reality. That’s where E-Commerce Business School came in...

With training from EBS, Danita built the kind of business that gave her the cash flow and flexibility to live anywhere in the world.


She’s even put most of the business on autopilot so she actually has time to enjoy it!


Now Danita and Joe are living out their Italian dream and traveling Europe without missing a beat.


Let me ask you…


What if you could live *anywhere* in the world?


Danita dreamed of living in Italy and made it happen. Here’s how… “It wasn’t just on the dream board. We had a plan.” Danita stopped dreaming of a life in Italy and made it happen.


If you met Danita Zanrè six years ago, you might have called her a big shot.


Danita’s high-tech skills were in-demand, her email systems business was booming, and she wasn’t exactly hurting for cash.


But her measure of success was different.


Danita and her husband Joe dreamed of nothing more than living in Italy


Scratch that…


Danita will tell you that Italy was way more than just a dream. She’d call it a GOAL.


She wasn’t wasting time staring at pictures on a vision board. Danita was 100% determined to move to Italy — and to do it while she and her husband Joe were still young enough to enjoy it.


There was just one thing Danita was lacking:


She needed a plan.


Sure, she could take her consulting business overseas with her…


…but what’s the point of living in Italy if you don’t have time to enjoy the Italian lifestyle?


Danita tried more flexible business models like network marketing…


…but they never gave her enough cash flow to keep a home abroad.


So Danita and I made a plan together.


That plan gave her the freedom to live anywhere in the world — and actually have time to enjoy it!


What would you do with that kind of freedom?


Today, Danita and Joe are finally living out their Italian dream in the tiny mountain town of Borgo Val di Taro.


If moving to Italy isn’t part of your dream, that’s okay.


Whatever your dream is, you can use the same business model to move it from the vision board to the real world.

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