Changing as a Person…While Generating Cashflow Doing it

This one is all about Rolling with the punches. 2020 has been a year of change and adaptation in all areas of our lives, including how we pay our bills. But what if you could make this the most profitable time of your life? Listen now to hear how YOU can make the best of the unknown.

The number one skill we can have in the 21st century is the ability to adapt. “Adapt or die,” is what Ann Sieg, Founder of E-Commerce Business School, likes to say. Ann Sieg is an accomplished entrepreneur who has taught countless people how to capitalize on retail arbitrage using Amazon’s seller platform. What she learned along her journey is things rarely stay stable, especially online, but there are ways to profit off of this fluctuation in consumption trends and consumer demands.


Coronavirus has been a fascinating and lucrative time to be an Amazon seller. What happens is when brick and mortar stores run out of product, consumers jump online to find what they need. Amazon is dominating the online space because its product range is so huge and available to be shipped right to your door in what seems like the blink of an eye.


The real catalyst that brought Ann into the online space was her son. He started to study online marketing, affiliate marketing, and copywriting when he was a teenager. He became the top affiliate by age 21 for Best Western, Walmart, and GetResponse. She then started to study that independently and soon forged an alliance with her son in 2005. They went from $3,000 to $90,000 a month, mostly through Google AdWords, re-selling someone else’s product. They created their own digital marketing and their first eBook generated $4.2 million in sales. Every evolution they made was a result of solving a problem to better enhance their profits.


After starting to teach her method of retail arbitrage to her students at the E-Commerce Business School, the results she saw with her students were immediate. When you tap into a ready-made funnel-like Amazon, they do all the advertising and they already have the customer base, so there’s no need for you to create a marketing funnel and spend countless hours learning and planning how you’re going to get customers. That learning curve is removed with this business model because Amazon does the bulk of the work. They have that audience waiting for you with credit cards on file, ready to buy. Prime buyers are 120 million strong! Now, there’s one piece left to that equation as a third-party seller. What product do I sell? That’s all. That’s your challenge and that’s what Ann teaches through her course.


Picture this: A hardworking man who has worked twelve-hour shifts for years is now home with his children and he does his business on the side. He doesn’t work long shifts anymore and has plenty of time to watch his kids grow up, all because of this arbitrage method. This is the reality of many of Ann’s students!


You’ll never know if this model will work for you and your lifestyle until you take the action to see that actualize, which Ann is pretty confident you’ll be able to make happen.


The 3 steps you need to follow to achieve entrepreneurial success with your phone align with the Three Pillars of E-Commerce Success.


  • Generate cash flow
  • Automate your systems to free up time and scale up your business
  • Build assets.


You have the potential to pass this money-making machine onto your family members or sell it to investors for a profit. You could even use e-commerce as a catalyst to build your cash flow so that you can break into the industry of your dreams, like real estate, or to continue your education!


Ann encourages you to get engrossed in the journey of entrepreneurship and working from home. “You’re going to turn out a better person,” she says.

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