Mission Statement

We teach entrepreneurs how to grow successful businesses leveraging e-commerce by providing in-depth education through online course curriculums, live events and mentorship programs.

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Our Values

  • We believe a strong work ethic can overcome deficiencies in technological know-how.

  • We believe in respecting the experience and intelligence of our students.

  • We believe in the importance of integrity and due diligence as a way of preserving and growing one’s capital.
  • We believe the best training is systematic, organized, and thorough… while remaining personal.
  • We believe learning is maximized in a community of those who share our goals.

Ann Sieg profile

Ann Sieg

CEO & Founder of E-Commerce Business School

Ann is passionate about her mission to help 1000 people make $10,000 a month and finds every way possible to better empower entrepreneurs to be in control of their business and future. We do this by staying current and relevant with our unique high touch and supportive learning experience. Rightly so, she’s known as The Renegade with her “think outside the box” mindset. Ann has sold over $20,000,000 in products online.